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National Day Holiday Special Arrangments

Due to public events that might effected the gym’s surrounding traffic condition, Muaythai Station Wan Chai Gym and Causeway Bay Gym Shall close for 1 day. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Booking for Training

To ensure training and instruction quality, Muaythai Station shall enforce session bookings. Members may call or message Muaythai Station Facebook Page for booking for all sessions time slot. Members who fail to book would be asked to join later sessions or sessions of later date. We urge all members to make booking to prevent any hindrance. Thank you very much for your attention.

Muaythai Station This Week

Five Fire flavors

Extra Promotional Offer

On top of the exsisting March Promotional on purchaing packages, MTS is crossing over with Five Fire flavors, to offer soup coupons for any purchase of training session packages, now you can eplenish your body while getting ripped with us. Order can be made the night prior to coming for training or before 10am of the same day, and you can enjoy that heartfelt soup after training. You can certainly order the soup to be delivered for your enjoyment at the office or at home.

MTS Parent and Kids Birthday Event

MTS Hosting Birthday Party plus Parent and Kids Class

MTS first hosting a Birthday Party for Birthday Girl Pearl and her friends as well as a special Parent and Kids class for the first time. It was full of sweat, laughs and fun.



Muaythai is a national treasure of Thailand. Over years of development and modernisation, it has now evolved into a globally recognised and participated sport. It has become very popular among people from all walks of life in Hong Kong also. For ease of access for all participants, MUAYTHAI STATION has picked a convenient location in WANCHAI. MUAYTHAI STATION’s extended business hours enables busy participants to freely join training sessions as early as noon, afternoon sessions and until night classes. Our Environment is clean and hygienic, with changing rooms and showers cater to your comfort. The gym is equipped with full arrays of Fitness Equipments that is installed under complete safety provisions, with the instruction from enthusiastic and experienced trainer, participants can enjoy the optimal fitness results.

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Trainer Sam

Sam has had great passion for sports and martial arts since a very young age, he had practiced Karate for over ten years (currently 2nd Degree Black belt), and he has extensive training in Muaythai. He participated in various martial art matches and tournaments, winning the HKSAR Unification Cup Muaythai competition, 2nd runner up in Hong Kong full contact Karate Tournament and a Silver medal in South Shaolin Shanda Tournament. He is now a full time trainer and had previously employed as Personal Trainer in Major Fitness Groups.

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17:30-18:45 19:00-20:15 20:15-21:30

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