Sam Pau

Sam has had great passion for sports and martial arts since a very young age, he had practiced Karate for over ten years (currently 2nd Degree Black belt), and he has extensive training in Muaythai. He participated in various martial art matches and tournaments, winning the HKSAR Unification Cup Muaythai competition, 2nd runner up in Hong Kong full contact Karate Tournament and a Silver medal in South Shaolin Shanda Tournament. He is now a full time trainer and had previously employed as Personal Trainer in Major Fitness Groups. Combining his experience of a fighter and fitness trainer, Sam has formulated comprehensive programs caters for individual fitness and also fighters conditioning repectively.

  • AASFP Advance Personal Trainer Certificate
  • World Muaythai Council Certified Trainer
  • World Professional Muaythai Federation Certified Trainer
  • WBC Certified Advanced Boxing Trainer

Kenneth Yeung

Kennth started training Muaythai since 16 years old. His fought is first amateur fight after 1 year of train and proceed to won the amateur championship in 2008. Kenneth was ever since embarked onto his Pro-Muaythai fighter profession. He has won numerous champions in Hong Kong, and had fought gloriously for Hong Kong in many International Competitions.

Hong Kong Muaythai Council Certified Instructor
Fighter Credential

  • 2017 East Asia Muaythai Tournament 51kg Champion
  • 2017 X Fight City Hero 51kg Intercontinental Champion
  • 2016 East Asia Muaythai Tournament 51kg Champion
  • 2016 Kunlun Hong Kong Tournament 51kg Champion
  • 2014 Hong Kong Muaythai Council Division A 51kg Champion
  • 2014 Straits Four Region Muaythai Competition 51kg Champion
  • 2012 Hong Kong Muaythai Council Division A 48kg Champion
  • 2011 HongKong Muaythai Council Division A 48kg Champion
  • 2010 IFMA World Muaythai Competition 48kg 1st Runner Up
  • 2009 IFMA World Muaythai Competition 48kg 1st Runner UP
  • 2008 Hong Kong Muaythai Council Division B 48kg Champion
  • 2007 Macau Muaythai Open 48kg Champion

Amnat Bhupasiri

Amnat Bhupasiri (Kru No) started his Muaythai career young, he start training and competing when he was 8 years old. He has fought over 100 fights in total, he had even fought in Bangkok most prestige stadium Lumpinee and Rajademnern.  And he fought to earn himself a title in Patong Stadium in Phuket. He has extended coaching experience at various clubs in China where he coaches technical fighter for clubs. During his time in China, he has learn to speak fluent Putonghua.

Kru Muaythai Association – 12th Degree Muaythai Instructor Certificate
World Muaythai Council – Muaythai Instructor Certificate

Fight History
55kg Champion at Phuket Patong Stadium

Worked at

  • China Shanxi Taiyuan City Dragon City Wushu Club
  • China Zhejiang Hangzhou City Wild Horse Fight Club
  • China Guangxi Liuzhou City Liuzhou Muaythai Combat Club
  • China Hunan Yuanjiang City Yuanjiang Muaythai Club
  • Jitti Gym Bangkok Thailand