Other than Muay Thai

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension System is a leveraged resistant training of which a participant works against his/ her body weight. Depending on different motions, specific or multiple muscle groups can be targeted not only for strengthening but also stretching. TRX emphasizes full body functional work out involving multiple muscle groups. It effectively increases stability and strength for joints and core, hence improving body balance and stamina. Therefore, TRX is the ideal exercise for posture correction as well as conditioning for professional athletes. Its multiple muscle group exercises can generate higher calorie burn than most cardio exercises, hence offering superb toning effect. It is perfect exercise for ladies to refine their lower body line; a simple twice a week routine can already reflects noticeable results

Functional and Weight Training

MUAYTHAI STATION is also equipped with full arrays of function and weight training facilities. With the help of medicine ball, fitness ball and Bosu ball, trainers can provide instruction for the inner muscle strengthening for each specific part of the body. Functional training are widely adopted by physical therapies, these exercises can effectively improve body condition while strengthen tendons, ligaments and muscles around the joints. Additionally, MUAYTHAI STATION has arrays of dumb bells and kettle bells for weight trainings. With proper diet provision, weight training can efficiently build muscle mass, increasing metabolic rate. At the given condition, with sufficient sun bathing, the body can efficiently absorb calcium intake, strengthening bone structure, while preventing osteoporosis. Kettle bells are great training gear for increasing muscle explosiveness, it is now the most popular training routine used among profession combat athletes.